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Review: Lisa Rybovich Cralle

Collage, Multimedia, Ukrainian Village/East Village Add comments

Stark images and hyperbole accentuate the selective and emotional aspect of memory as Lisa Rybovich Cralle’s collages reflect on her native Florida. Her collage, “Land,” juxtaposes Hellenic male statues, a vacant crucifix, a mesh of snakes and swimmers on a beach to contrast objects both surreal and concrete. In other pieces, the dualities of known and unknown, fantastic and mundane, and grace and nefariousness are explored. Airplanes fly toward a mushroom cloud. A morose zombie-like figure stands opposite a pink-clad ballerina. A stately statue of a man has his head displaced with a strange-looking object that appears to have eyes. Hieronymus Bosch’s triptych, “Garden of Earthly Delights,” comes to mind with a chaotic aggression between humans and animals, the head of a bird attached to the body of a man. Cralle’s “Sequin Swamp” features a brilliant mass of golden sequins superimposed on a detailed black and white roller coaster. The contrast of detail and gaudiness may make the viewer consider which impression would be dominant upon reflection: the specific dimensions of an impressive ride, feelings of euphoria, or a mixture? (Ben Broeren) Through December 22 at Roots & Culture

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