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Review: Thaw/estudiotres gallery

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This winter, estudiotres mounts a group show of idiosyncratic yet occasionally compelling works. Rob Bondgren presents several collages, utilizing glossy found photos, spray paint and other such gritty media to create compositions hovering between recognition and abstraction, achieving compositions and color harmonies at times reminiscent of classic oil painting. Davin Young has an installation of dozens of his photographs, a network of the idiosyncratic moments and persons that populate his existence. Showing a series of drawing is Andrew Winship, and showing a few highly energetic paintings is Nate Wolf. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a sculpture by Samia Mirza, Conjoined Snowmen (We all Fall Down), a goofy yet engaging paper mache monument that is the (only?) emblem of this seasonal show. However unrelated to winter, or to each other, the works shown have an enthusiasm that will remind any frozen viewer of the spring yet to come. (Lisa Larson-Walker)

Through Mar 7 at estudiotres gallery, 5205 North Clark (773)271-0533, through June 27. 

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