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Review: Nat Soti/Chicago Art Department

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“Headlines” is Nat Soti’s latest series of collage-based work, relying heavily on politics and pop culture. The pieces are constructed primarily from issues of Time magazine that remind the viewer of the influence the media has on our decisions regarding issues such as American politics, religion and technology.  As co-founder of the Chicago Art Department, Soti has created an environment in the gallery and his show promotes communication and debate.  “Headlines” is a show that seems to be produced by a political pundit without an agenda.  “I just wanted to get you to think about it,” says Soti in regard to the messages portrayed in pieces portraying headless, business-suited men, representative of the American politician. Although the work is accessible, it lacks a sense of opinion, leaving the viewer to fill in the blank. That blank can be filled in on the canvas hung near the entrance labeled, “ENOUGH.”  Markers are available to any viewer who would like to voice their own opinion on the piece, ultimately reminding them that the show and its political message is more than a spectator sport. (Shama Dardai)

Through September 26 at Chicago Art Department, 1837 S. Halsted

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