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Review: Sheba Chhachhi/Walsh Gallery

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Although it is loaded with conceptual explanation concerning tradition, globalization, imperialism, and cultural hybridism and interchange, Sheba Chhachhi’s installation of light boxes, in which images of Buddhist pilgrim monks proceed across brightly colored photographic landscapes and birds soar above them on moving spools of film, is best enjoyed as an array of intriguing scenes that are geared to captivate the child in us and put a sweet and mirthful smile on our faces. The monks in their thick traveling robes are the most entrancing of all, because Chhachhi cannot make them stride and is left with having them appear to be on a moving walkway as they journey through the desert. In sharp contrast to “Winged Pilgrims and Other Creatures,” “Silver Sap” is a series of unsparing straight black-and-white studies of older women’s bodies in fine detail that are meant to “recuperate the female body from dominant market and mediatic representations”—a return to hardcore feminism that has become familiar this season. (Michael Weinstein)

Through April 25 at Walsh Gallery, 118 N. Peoria

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