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Review: Ray Pride/The Architrouve

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Ray Pride is the detached observer, the stranger on familiar ground, who prowls the local ‘hood at night shooting photographs in color–garishly illuminated back alleys, streets filled with cars flashing blinding headlights and any number of bizarre details that would arrest our attention if only we did not believe that there was any meaning to the phantasmagoria before our eyes. Have you ever been alone and detached in an unfamiliar city? Pride, who also serves as Newcity’s film editor, will stay at home yet bring you back there with all its seduction and forbidding alienation. In his banner image, Pride shows us a stop sign from above sitting isolated on a dirty street, telling us to halt the drive of personal life and look at what goes down when we have no stake in the result. We would like to make connection, but often it eludes us, and Pride shows us that we still might enjoy our distance. (Michael Weinstein)

Through August 2 at The Architrouve, 1433 W. Chicago Ave.

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