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Review: David Weinberg/David Weinberg Gallery

Photography, River North Add comments


A straight, classical, meditative photo-abstractionist, David Weinberg became fascinated by the visual intricacies in the details of a greenhouse complex in southern Wisconsin, revisiting the site over and over again, and shooting dynamic compositions in color and black and white. Looking into Weinberg’s images, we would not guess their provenance; instead, we see involved designs of undulating latticed rectangular patterns, vector-like juxtapositions of bars and wire, and turbine-like spools that seem to be spinning madly. “Reconstruction,” Weinberg’s latest series, represents a quantum leap in his pursuit of Zen photography; here he has surrendered himself to his strength—an intense receptivity to the power of elemental yet complicated and irregular forms—and gives us visualizations of force fields that function to enhance our sense of the vitality of the world and ourselves. (Michael Weinstein)

Through August 29 at David Weinberg Gallery, 300 W. Superior

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