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Breakout Artists 2010: Chicago’s next generation of image makers

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Photo: Lucas Blair

Montgomery Perry Smith

Montgomery Perry Smith invites viewers to peer inside the secret cavities that pock his sculptural objects. Once inside, you may find that your eye is reflected by a mirror from the back of a toothy mouth hole, or you may discover a desiccated insect pinned to a flower’s nucleus. That’s narcissism and mating, respectively. Unlike Lee Bontecou’s malicious gaping holes made fifty years ago, Smith’s forms welcome entry. Those curious about exploring interstitial spaces are rewarded, with buried treasure, for diving in. Kink addicted and constructed from lace or leather, felt and fake daisies, the works’ titles are explicit: “Like a Virgin” is a wreath of frilly lace beneath a plastic dome. Then there’s “Bottom Feeder,” “Creamy,” “Brown Eye,” and “Pearl Necklace.” Many of Smith’s sculptures hang on the wall. They are trophies for desire conquered.

"Creamy"/Photo: Lucas Blair

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