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Review: Angelo Musco/Carrie Secrist Gallery

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For a pure orgy of fantasia, check out Angelo Musco’s mammoth photo-works in which thousands of nude men and women disport themselves underwater in tangled conjunctures and simulations of schools of fish. Musco achieves his undeniably overpowering and shocking effect by taking countless shots of small groups of submerged people, combining them in the computer to compose his gargantuan images, and printing on metallic paper supported by aluminum and plexiglass. Two years in the making, the title work of Musco’s show, “Tehom” (Hebrew for abyss), tells the whole story. Measuring 12 x 48 feet, “Tehom” is ample enough for Musco to fill the surface with spinning vortices of bodies separated by a bevy of freer formations. Identifiable individuals pop out of the composition, bearing expressions that run the gamut of human emotion. Italian Renaissance philosophy championed the “coincidentia oppositorum,” the conjunction of opposites; Musco’s surrealism is right in that line. (Michael Weinstein)

Through July 10 and Carrie Secrist Gallery, 835 W. Washington

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