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Review: Field Static/Co-Prosperity Sphere

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Heather Mekkelson


•Field: a constellation of objects, their relations forming a syntax. •Static: not as adjective (“fixed or stationary”), but as noun and object (“atmospheric electricity, interference”). •Ellen Rothenberg, “Constellations”: a wall hung with price tags flung like stars, clinging in clusters—cosmic economics. •“[T]he exhibition has become the basic unit” of meaning in art (Nicolas Bourriaud): a relational aesthetic of the object. •Heather Mekkelson, “Antenna with Belts”: a rooftop skeleton, an insect made up exclusively of appendages, joints sutured by belts: the everyday intersecting with the alien. •There are only peripheries here; the “center” gives way to relations. •Mark Booth, “I IMAGINE YOU SLEEPING…”: a shimmering sheet and looping lines of speech: the aural returning as the spectral. •A constellation of con-texts for re-vision: Michael Fried’s “Art and Objecthood,” Rosalind Krauss’ “Sculpture in an Expanded Field,” Walter Benjamin’s “Arcades Project,” Nicolas Bourriaud’s “Relational Aesthetics,” Bruno Latour’s “Reassembling the Social”…. •Curators Caroline Picard and Devin King: “…objects…embody a network…[blurring] the lines between life forms and inanimate material bodies…the realization and decay of magnetisms…” •Static and decay as necessary conditions for communication. •Rebecca Mir, “Iceberg Mountain”: conical web of rope anchored by rocks and cleats, a tensive monument of nodes and connections without a base. •Objects and persons: points on plateaus, an astronomy of invented collectives. •Carrie Gundersdorf, “Spectral Trails with Absorption Lines”: eyes to the skies—the invisible visualized, patterns of prismatic bars fucking with frequencies. •Electricity as the currency of communication. •Stephen Lapthisophon, “Taxonomy of Root Vegetables”: roots and rhizomes, digging and deliquescence—terrestrialization of the astronomical, in the spirit of Mike Kelley. •The object takes on meaning in relation to other objects. •Justin Cabrillos, “Dance for a Narrow Passageway”: a writhing between walls, the mute passing into the expressive, a passage à l’acte. •Language in an expanded field is called poetry. •Christian Kuras and Duncan MacKenzie, “Announcement, Suggestions, and Advice”: | graffiti | blocked letters | urban-institutional fiberworks | non-logical “ghost lines” | “chill progressions” | •Installation as constellation, constellation as relations, relations as volatile. •The curators: “…part celebration, part lament for the passing of a moment…” •An ephemeral syntax, a site-specific poetry. •Frictions, ruptures, noise. •The field is dynamic. What makes it so is the static. (Jeremy Biles)

Through June 13 at the Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219 South Morgan

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