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Fan Scene: A Chicago Art Album

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cover art by Carol Jackson

By Jason Foumberg

Imagine this issue of Newcity shaped as a shoebox, like the one stashed in the back of your closet. Every now and then it feels good to finger your way through that time capsule of polished milestones and broken tokens of who you once were and still might be today. More than just a junk drawer, your stash is bound by a secret thread, as strong and fragile as a spider’s web, which only you can spin. Will your offspring be creeped out by your crypt of former selves, or will they dust off and ponder each artifact?

If Chicago’s art scene had a souvenir box it would be as large as a landfill, and just as mixed. What if you plunged an arm into that warm biomass and pulled up some treasures and obsessions and regrets, at random, from art scenes past? What would they look like, jammed in your fist? Could you spread those dried things on a table and divine their significance, drawing lines between them, and to yourself?

I asked dozens of Chicago-based artists and their enthusiasts to shine a flashlight into their personal-history storehouses and retrieve contributions for this fanzine. Part collage, part salad, the combined curiosities peaceably mingle here as if at an art opening. There are several natural affinities and also a few unexpected pairings. In sum, they form a time capsule of a community that is constantly changing. Here are mementos from long-closed shows. Here are faces kept in time. Here are odds and ends we’re still trying to sort. Here we are today, holding on for tomorrow.

Many thanks to the contributors of ephemera, culled from their personal collections: Chris Ware, Ellen Lanyon, Jason Lazarus, Jeff Ward, Laura Letinsky, Lauren Anderson, Marilyn Frank, Meg Duguid, Michael Thomas, Oliver Watt, Paul Hopkin, Paul Klein, Paul Nudd, Philip Vanderhyden, Philip von Zweck, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, and Stephen H. Sheldon.









































































“Robots are People, too!” button by Andy Slater.

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