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I may not be your friend, but I want to see your studio

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Due to the response and feedback we have received for our article Friends Curating Friends we have decided to produce a report focused on those artists who have never had any type of exposure or love from Chicago’s art scene. There are thousands of artists working hard in their studios, yet somewhat invisible due to Chicago’s small gallery scene. If you are one of those artists who has a healthy and productive studio practice, we would like to see it, and we want everyone in Chicago to see it too. So put some beers in the fridge, brew some coffee and invite us to your studio. Reach out to

One Response to “I may not be your friend, but I want to see your studio”

  1. Doug vanderHoof Says:

    Small gallery scene? My lay impression was that there are tons of every kind of gallery.

    In any case, I’ll be interested to see who you discover. Partly because of the studio visit video project I’ve been doing. I’ve been documenting artists from Chuck Close to obscure encaustic wallahs to performance artists covered in pink goo, and I’m sure you’re going to come up with some worthy subjects.

    Y’all are the excellent first draft of Chicago art history. I’m enjoying making the illustrations.
    Standing by.


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