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Newcity’s Top 5 of Everything 2013: Art

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Top 5 Art Exhibitions
Amalia Pica at the Museum of Contemporary Art
Haseeb Ahmed and Daniel Baird at Roots & Culture
Slow Read at Glass Curtain Gallery
Terry Adkins at the Block Museum of Art
Josiah McElheny at the Arts Club of Chicago
—Jason Foumberg

Top 5 Art Trends of 2013
Stock photography
Vertical stripes
—Jason Foumberg

Top 5 Art Buzzwords of 2013
Service media
Speculative (is the new abstract)
—Jason Foumberg

Top 5 Art Terms to Retire
New media
Outsider art
—Jason Foumberg

Top 5 Art Spaces We’ll Miss
Mess Hall (2003-2013)
Thomas Robertello Gallery (2006-2013)
Ebersmoore (2009-2013)
Roxaboxen (2009-2013)
Kirk’s Apartment (2009-2013)
—Jason Foumberg

Top 5 New Art Venues that Opened in 2013
Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry
Kavi Gupta Gallery’s Elizabeth Street location
Paris London Hong Kong
Dos Perros Projects
Coat Check Gallery
—Jason Foumberg

Top 5 Art Comebacks of 2013
Amanda Ross-Ho’s plaza project at the Museum of Contemporary Art
Dread Scott at Gallery 400
Carrie Secrist Gallery
Elmhurst Art Museum
—Jason Foumberg

Top 5 Art Exhibition Titles of 2013
“Little Man Pee Pool Party:  The Whiz Paddler’s Lament” at Antena Gallery
“Party Cut,” Rebecca Morris at Corbett vs. Dempsey
“A Day for Cake and Accidents,” Jessie Mott at Threewalls
“Low-Dose No-Doz,” Ryan Duggan at Johalla Projects
“Cup Freaketh Over,” Diane Christiansen at Kasia Kay Art Projects
—Jason Foumberg

Top 5 Places to Attend an Art Lecture
Graham Foundation
Artists Connect series at the Art Institute of Chicago
Open Practice Committee at the University of Chicago’s Department of Visual Arts
Visiting Artists Program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Arts Club of Chicago
—Jason Foumberg

Top 5 Photography Shows
Meredith Zielke and Yoni Goldstein at the International Museum of Surgical Science
Linda Adele Goodine at Gallery 19
Natalie Krick at Coat Check at David Weinberg
Jennifer Greenburg at Schneider Gallery
Holly Roberts at Catherine Edelman Gallery
—Michael Weinstein

Top 5 Perks of Being A Newcity Art Critic
Hot cider and whiskey on cold, rain-soaked days in Lloyd Dobler gallery
Comped copies of exhibition catalogs which would otherwise be prohibitively
Finding out the Art World is more inclusive than one would think
Constant exposure to new art
The comforting thought of one day working from Miami in December
—B. David Zarley

Top 5 Basements to See Art
The Sub-Mission
Edra Soto’s basement at The Franklin
Co-Prosperity Sphere’s basement dance club
—Kelly Reaves

Top 5 Artists to Get Your Gross On With
Gregory Jacobsen
Meg McCarville
Paul Nudd
Otto Splotch
Mariano Chavez
—Kelly Reaves 

Top 5 Galleries West of Western
Comfort Station
The Hills Esthetic Center
The Storefront
Terrain Exhibitions
The Franklin Outdoors
—Kelly Reaves

Top 5 Graffiti/Street Artists/Crews Most Visible from the El
BWO Goosenek
—Abraham Ritchie

Top 5 Social Media Presences that Could be Art
Theodore Darst (@theodope)
Geoffrey Todd Smith (Facebook)
Dana Bassett (@WhatstheT_DB)
Jon Satrom (@jonsatrom)
Carl Baratta (Facebook)
—Abraham Ritchie

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