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Review: 24 Hrs/25 Days/New Capital

At the stroke of midnight on the twelfth of December, after twenty-five days of uninhibited twenty-four-hour activity, New Capital ended an ambitious exhibitionary undertaking and with it their two-year tenure as the cornerstone of a cluster of alternative contemporary art spaces on Chicago’s far West Side. Titled “24 Hrs/25 Days,” the durational exhibition project was […]

Review: Nulla Dies Sine Linea/Instituto Cervantes

RECOMMENDED The mantra of “Nulla dies sine linea” (“Not one day without a line”) has inspired and motivated artists and writers for centuries as a reminder that an artist’s skill and a successful work of art must come from daily practice. Pliny the Elder penned the Latin proverb in ancient Rome, Anthony Trollope advised the […]

Eye Exam: Chicago’s Current Comic Affairs

By Julia V. Hendrickson Comic and cartoon artists work quietly but profusely in Chicago, drawn, perhaps, to the functionality of its gridded streets, city blocks like frames on a page. Comic book and specialty bookstores like Quimby’s and Challengers flourish because there is an audience for experimental narratives and a vibrant community surrounding comic art. […]

Review: Chris Ofili/The Arts Club of Chicago

RECOMMENDED After a splash on the London art scene in the 1990s, and an infamous controversy regarding elephant dung and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, painter Chris Ofili quietly relocated to Trinidad in 2005 to remove himself from politics and focus on his art. The Tate Britain, which also presented Ofili with the […]

Review: Uncrumpling This Much Crumpled Thing/The Exhibition Agency

RECOMMENDED Under the broad umbrella of falsely representational art, seven artists from Austin, Chicago and New York are situated within the tidy, manicured apartment rooms of The Exhibition Agency. Housed in the same space as the short-lived Concertina Gallery, Corinna Kirsch’s newest curatorial project brings together a pleasant array of sculpture, photography, painting, video and […]

Review: Ray Noland/Chicago Urban Art Society

RECOMMENDED For the time being, Ray Noland has set up camp in Pilsen, covering the walls of the cavernous Chicago Urban Art Society (CUAS) with his graphic stencils and posters. Noland’s “Sweet Tea & American Values” is the first exhibition to christen the non-profit’s new 4,200 square-foot space run by siblings Lauren Pacheco and Peter […]

Review: Judy Pfaff/David Weinberg Gallery

RECOMMENDED Despite a prolific output of work, this is Judy Pfaff’s first solo exhibition in Chicago. For a large part of her career, Pfaff has been known for her pioneering installations and sculpture. However, in recent decades there has been a marked transition within her work. In a ­­­1998 interview with Richard Whittaker, Pfaff describes […]

Review: Gladys Nilsson: Works from 1966-2010/Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

RECOMMENDED Noodle arms and legs akimbo, a multitude of figures dance across the walls of the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA) in a brightly colored survey of the work of Chicago painter Gladys Nilsson. Organized by the UIMA, in partnership with the Illinois State Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, […]

Review: Mike Schuh/Golden Gallery

RECOMMENDED Mike Schuh’s work is quiet and unobtrusive, and seamlessly integrated into the apartment-gallery architecture of Golden. It’s so seamless, in fact, that a first-time visitor would be hard-pressed to pick out all of Schuh’s pieces. His works, mostly site-specific, were created to emphasize the fact that Golden, while currently un-lived in, began as a […]

Review: Duncan Anderson/Kasia Kay Art Projects

RECOMMENDED Duncan Anderson’s newest exhibition at Kasia Kay Art Projects, a continuation of his miniature sculptural tableaus and fantastical figurines, is fascinating in its meticulous storytelling. Anderson toys with train-set men and dollhouse furniture, creating architectural-style models of strange worlds and fantasy narratives. The titles invoke mysterious stories of tiny, mundane heroes and heroines. An […]