Below are links to reviews on this site for current exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout Chicago. Please consult the main page for  other features, including in-depth profiles and interviews with artists.

Michael Dinges, Victoria Fuller, Geoffry Smalley and Karen Savage/Packer Schopf Gallery Through July 12

Susan Giles and Jeroen Nelemans/Aspect Ratio Through July 12

Margot Bergman/Corbett vs. Dempsey Through July 19

We do what we like and we like what we do/Western Exhibitions Through July 19

Tony Tasset/Kavi Gupta Through July 26

Nicholas Gottlund/Paris London Hong Kong Through July 26

Andy Karol/Beauty & Brawn Through July 26

Paul Hopkin/Loo Through July 26

Morris Barazani/Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art Through July 27

Paul Clark/Gallery 19 Through August 1

Isa Genzken/Museum of Contemporary Art Through August 3

Deborah Butterfield/Zolla/Lieberman Gallery Through August 23

Jason Reblando/City Gallery Through September 22

Unbound: Contemporary Art After Frida Kahlo/Museum of Contemporary Art Through October 5

Chicago Sculpture International/Elks National Veterans Memorial Through October 26

Surrealism and War/National Veterans Art Museum Through November 1